Welcome to the Dome

We are fostering a community of players around casual NFT games. Learn more about our game platform and the project's philosophy.
ClashDome is a unique NFT gaming experience based on casual games. Our portal is a meeting point for all sorts of players and focuses on building a solid community thanks to our special approach to blockchain gaming.
We strongly believe in accessible NFT games that allow a flexible involvement as opposed to dense and demanding games. Accessible because it takes no time to learn how ClashDome works. We also work in making the embarkment process for blockchain noobs as smooth as possible. By flexible involvement, we mean that our portal can be low demanding if you don't have that much time, but also allows you to go beyond the surface and find deeper, richer gaming experiences.
Following this principle, we encourage you to explore this document completely free, going deeper into the sections that you find interesting with no specific order. Also, if you're a player who just wants to have fun we invite you to go to and start playing and learning through the experience.
We share a lot of elements in common with the classic Arcades, it's not casual that we picked them as our symbol.

The ClashDome project

We are building an NFT gaming portal with two layers of playability. On the surface, you will find some of the most well-known casual games we all love. Our growing portfolio offers the user a wide range of experiences, from the easy match-3 to the try-hard tower defense. These games are based on a fair Player VS Player that makes earning both challenging and engaging. We are constantly developing more games to improve the user experience and increase the variety of content.
The second layer of playability adds many interesting features that empower the users and binds them with the community. This metagame brings coherence to our portal by providing mechanics that link the casual games and create a context for them. The metagame is driven by our core NFTs called Citizens. The starting point is the Mining Hub, the Citizen's apartment, where the user plays the Arcade containing each of our casual games and manages the earned tokens. This metagame expands with more features like the token mining machines, the weekly ranking and apartment customization.
The Arcade in your apartment will give you access to our collection of games.

Where we're coming from:

We have +10 years of experience developing games. That's an experience we wanted to leverage by building actual playable blockchain games. To build our project we take inspiration from four key references:

1 - Web Game Portals

We have spent the last dozen years developing games for the top game portals like Miniclip or other top clients like Google, and we're aware of how engaging casual games can be. We aim to build a portfolio with a rich variety, just like those classic game portals. Every kind of player will find a game that suits his skills.

2 - Midcore and Casual games from App Stores

The mobile games you find in App Markets are designed to captivate their users and become a leisure habit. The metagames built on top of those games add a new layer of engagement and improve the user experience.
3 - Casual competitive portals
In the last years, portals such as have become a trend, allowing player to make some fiat earnings thanks to their gaming skills. Building the same kind of project on blockchain has many advantages, thanks to the existence of tokens and NFTs.

4 - State-of-the-art NFT Gaming

We have our own beliefs about how NFT gaming will be shaped once the dust settles and speculation and greed are not the main drivers. We pursue a sustainable scenario for NFT gaming rather than being dragged by the current cheeky fads. Furthermore, we have the opportunity to build something different along with our community and the fact that in NFT gaming there isn't a standard economic model allows us to be pioneers and lead the change in our industry.